We've partnered with Comixology to manage your Subscriptions!  

Can't make it to the shop on new comic day?  Are you stuck on campus until the weekend? Have trouble making it downtown on a regular basis?  No problem, we can hold your comics here at the shop to ensure we don't sell out of your favorite issues!  If you sign up for our subscription service you'll save 10% on all your purchases here at the shop and have the ability to manage your subscriptions anytime online or via Comixology's phone apps!  All we ask is that you swing by at least once a month and pick up the stuff we have on hold for you.  If that sounds good to you, just follow these simple steps and your new comics will be waiting for you at the shop the day they come out:

Step 1:  You'll have to create an account with Comixology for free by Clicking Here

Step 2:  Click here to connect to our shop through Comixology (use the "Connect" tab on the left).

Step 3:  Once you've filled in your information and agreed to the terms of service all you have to do is search their site to select the books that you'd like to subscribe to or have us pull for you and we'll save copies of them for you when they are released.

Exsisting Subscribers click the icon below to sign into your Comixology account.

 Please feel free to give feedback or ask us questions about this feature by e-mailing us at:   capitalcomicsmd@gmail.com